Why Choose Beneath the Surface Tattoo Studio?


Our Clientele
They crave the expression and experience of ink, the catharsis of the burn.
They have moxie. They are curious. They are dialed in. They are spontaneous. They are planners with an edge. They are fierce. They are softness. They are fire and ocean. They are paradox and contradiction. They are truth.
They are our favorites.


Our Artists
We are artists. We are passionate visionaries. We are music makers and dream catchers. We are creatives. We are vivacious. We are outlandish. We are magnificently ordinary. We are all heart.
We are energy and light and shadow.
We hope to be your favorites.


 Our Studio
Beneath the Surface is a bespoke studio in Las Vegas that specializes in custom, exclusive tattoos. Our talented artists spend time assessing a client’s tattoo needs and requests so that they can to bring their artistic vision to life.
Our tattoo shop is known for a relaxed and professional atmosphere that welcomes clients and helps them ease into the tattoo experience. Beneath the Surface regularly welcomes skilled guest artists to our studio.
Schedule your free consultation via our website or by phone to speak with one of our artists about your custom tattoo.