Reasons Why More People Prefer Bitcoin over Cash

Digital currencies have unique characteristics that make them a more desirable currency for transactions. Bitcoin has become more popular with time, Bitcoin is among the best and cheapest payment method for online shoppers, sellers and workers and artists.

Direct Payment of Artists with Bitcoin

Banks and merchant processors feed off of the talent of the artists. There’s no need for these middlemen when using blockchain and Bitcoin or others like it. Consumers can pay with Bitcoin directly to the artist without anyone taking a cut. The artists stand to benefit more from their efforts since it all goes directly to the artist.

Safe and Secure Payment Method for Buyers

When using Bitcoin for payment, the buyer is not required to provide any personal information or financial details. This is very advantageous because providing your personal data over the internet may be opening yourself to cybercriminals and hackers.

Low Transaction Fees

Using Bitcoin is cheaper than using flat currencies. You avoid several traditional banking fees such as overdraft charges, maintenance fees and minimum balance. Additionally, Bitcoin offers low fees when making international payments. This is because Bitcoin is not controlled by any government or financial institution. You enjoy fast transactions eliminating the need to wait for authorization or any other requirements. Therefore, it’s a suitable payment method for travelers.

A few websites in which you are able to buy cryptocurrency include: CoinFlip, CashApp, or Coinbase

For more information on cryptocurrency, check out the videos below: